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Hajia Furniture is the largest secondhand store in United Arab Emirates. We also known as Hajia used furniture buyers in UAE. We buy and stock a huge selection of products from used home electronics to used home and office furniture. Hajia Furniture are always looking to buy used items and have compiled a detailed guide here of what we buy in UAE. Here the list is by no means exhaustive so please give us a phone call or send email us with anything that you might have for sale no matter how obscure.

Used Furniture That Hajia Furniture Buy

  • Used Bedroom Furniture
  • Used Dining Furniture
  • Used Lounge furniture
  • Used Antique Furniture
  • Used Garden Furniture

Hajia Furniture are always looking for used furniture from all parts of the home. We buy modern and traditional and whether it’s made from Glass, Metal, Teak, Oak and Pine. If you are looking for used furniture buyers in UAE. Please let us know what kind of used furniture you have.

Used Bedroom Furniture

We buy single safe drawer, wardrobes, chest of drawers, dressing tables, bedside chests and beds themselves whether they be frames, divan sets or just good quality mattresses. Foam and metal action sofa beds are always in high demand. We can collect the larger items and disassemble any used furniture as required.

Used Dining Furniture

Used tables and chairs, sideboards, dressers and anything else dining room related whether it is modern or traditional, we will buy it.

Used Lounge furniture

We are always looking to buy lounge furniture. Soft furnishings bought include sofas and settees, 3-piece suites in cloth, velour and leather. Reclining chairs also bought and then the full range of occasional furniture such as bookcases, coffee tables, side tables etc.

Used Antique Furniture

Hajia Furniture have a great history in UAE as antique and general auctioneers and as such still buy antique furniture. We will buy your old antiques furniture and collectibles.

Used Garden Furniture

When in season we buy used garden tables and used chairs, secondhand benches, hammocks, swings, slide and other large garden items.

Secondhand Home Appliances Looking For

  • Secondhand Kitchen Appliances
  • Secondhand Cooking
  • Secondhand Laundry items
  • Secondhand Electrical and Electronic
  • Secondhand Refrigeration
  • Secondhand Apple Products
  • Secondhand Computing
  • Secondhand Gaming
  • Secondhand Audio and TV
  • Secondhand Camera and Camcorders
  • Secondhand DJ and Studio
  • Secondhand Everything else

Secondhand Kitchen Appliances

We carry a huge stock of Kitchen appliances and are always looking keep stock levels high so please call us with any of secondhand kitchen appliances for sale in UAE.

Secondhand Cooking items

We buy Microwaves, Cookers, Ovens, Hobs, gas, electric, range cookers and other items.

Secondhand Laundry

Washing machines, tumble dryers, washer dryers, spin dryers, condenser dryers,

Secondhand Electrical and Electronic

Used furniture buyers in UAE is our most fast-moving department, but we stock and buy a massive variety of consumer electronics. We have tried to cover the more popular things here that we buy but really, we would consider anything.

Secondhand Refrigeration

Fridges, freezers, fridge freezers, American fridge freezers, chest freezers, under counter and upright.

Secondhand Apple Products

Our favorite range of products from anyone manufactures, apple is at the forefront of design and function. We love everything apple and hope you call us first with anything apple that you might have for sale. We buy your MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Powermac, iBook, iMac, mac mini, g4, g5 iPod touch etc.

Secondhand Computing

We buy used Laptops, netbooks, desktops, all-in-one, tablets, we carry out full low-level formatting to destroy your data upon request.

Secondhand Gaming

We buy Consoles and games and handhelds too from all the usual suspects. Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii and DS and DSi, and PS Vita.

Secondhand Audio and TV

We buy hifi and television products from all the leading brands such as Sony, Samsung, LG, Cyrus, Krell, Rega and many many more
LED, LCD, Plasma, Smart TV, 4K Ultra HD and all other variants as well as the audio related Hand home cinema items such as amplifiers, speakers, cd players, Blu-ray players, tuners, turntables, subwoofers and DACs.

Secondhand Camera and Camcorders

All video and stills photography items are bought. We buy digital compacts, DSLR, digital SLR and some older 35mm and medium format cameras from the likes of canon, Nikon, mama, contax, Leica and Hasselblad. We buy lenses too especially Canon L lenses and Nikon pro lenses. Camcorders whether consumer or pro consmer or purely pro level are bought too.

Secondhand DJ and Studio

DJ products from turntables especially the legendary Technics Sl-1210 MK2’s to modern computer controllers, amps, speakers and lighting. Studio gear for musicians and recorders such as mics, monitors and amplification as well as musical instruments themselves, guitars, wind and string and percussion (drumkits, drums etc.)

Secondhand Everything else

Dishwashers, built in coffee machines, Gaggia coffee machines and much more considered

All the other used things that we buy

Quite simply we are used furniture buyer in UAE but we would consider buying anything but here are some more things that we currently would buy.
Fishing equipment, road bikes, mountain bikes, commuter bikes, fix single speed bikes, hybrid bikes, sporting equipment, archery, tennis, rowing, athletics, power tools, games, toys and leisure, satnavs.